Will you Landmeé

Have you ever fallen head over heels for someone? It’s such a wonderful time and the whole world becomes rosy.

Once again, this sweet feeling inspired Landmeé’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection. A collection that wishes to send out love through clothes that will make you feel all the butterflies in your stomach, as if you were in love. We conveyed such feeling by reinterpreting and spicing up figures like cards and vintage handkerchiefs.

To express the feeling of love, we emphasized on white, rosy salmon pink, and red, which remind us of roses. We also used blue, which gives off vintage card vibe. The colors perfectly complemented our iconic lacy and embroidered clothes. We also reinterpreted and made use of clichéd love symbols like heart and rose. They sure might be cheesy but who can resist a rose bouquet and sweet words coming from a loved one? We just can’t get enough of those things.

We want you to feel loved anywhere and anytime so we showed our love through these items which perfectly complete Landmeé girls in every lifestyle. Our signature embroidered jeans are neatly embellished with buttons, patches, envelope-like pockets, and embroidered ribbons. For us, love is like a game that’s thrilling, ravishing, and fun at the same time. So, we designed the Playing Hearts print as our main print in this collection. At a closer look, you’ll notice that the Playing Hearts print is actually small hearts arranged to mimic the faces of playing cards. Another textile in this collection was made from quilted handkerchiefs, giving it a romantic touch. Satin strips folded into 3D rose shapes and envelopes hidden in pockets are our other ways to tell our feelings, which are overwhelming in this entire collection.

Landmeé’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection is going all out to show you our love.

Every detail is bottled with feelings that will make you fall in love just like us. You’ll be left with just one question in your heart: “Will you Landmeé”



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