Brand Background

Bangkok based womenswear brand established in 2002 to celebrate, strong, independent, sophisticated, young-at-heart women within their feminine disguise. The brand DNA is always referred to the romanticism of the bohemian 70's with a twist of modernity to make it everyday wearable for modern women who living in a lavish lifestyle.

Landmeé kicked off as a small family business with the focus on hand-crafted embroidery and high quality lace and fabric. Lace and denim are our signature pieces which we develop the techniques in every season. In each collection, Landmeé has conveyed an optimistic vision of being a woman via the wearable yet distinguished apparel. All are delicately made by the elaborate lace and ribbon works, contrasted with irresistible denim wear which twisted with the feminine touch. And keep progressing unceasingly to develop the brand techniques and details in order to be one of the way to empower women with our apparel.

As one of the pioneers of Thai luxury fashion industry with the strong identity, Landmeé became one of the front-row Thai designers with a large number of local customer base. After the collaboration of Bangkok Elle fashion week firstly in 2017, the brand audience has been massively widened with our stockists throughout Asian countries. After more than 10 years of local success, Landmeé is now firm to take a step further to the global market especially for the China and South East Asian market.



After graduated her Commercial Arts degree in 1996, Netdaw Vattanasimakon has established her fashion brand, ’Landmeé’ in 2002. Started from her strong passion in art and crafts, Netdaw has transformed her interest into the lavish apparel design. Netdaw was inspired by everything surrounds her, from her personal playlists to the nature that she has explored during her journey. Netdaw communicated them profoundly through her design. With the beliefs that her delicate clothes would empowered women. Along with her passion in handicrafts, lace and denim become the brand’s identity which make Landmeé outstanding and becomes one of the most pioneer fashion label in Thailand.



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