Dear Landmeé

Pictures of Jane Birkin and her lovely doe eyes were imprinted on the mind of our designer when she was young. Jane was carrying a rat- tan basket in those photographs. Sometimes she was in her smart casual look, sometimes in her denim, her mini dresses, and even some feminine clothes, which had a subtle tomboyish touch.

So there is no doubt why Landmeé is much inspired by the 7os and identifies itself with the decade.

In this AW20 season, our designer chose to revisit the days she first started the brand. She then began to rekindle her old desires and dreams.

"I want to make a collection that best pulls out the essence of Landmeé. The first woman who popped up in my mind was Jane Birkin. Hundreds of her pictures on my mood board were re-interpreted. The details of 7os vintage clothes were modernized.

"The way I see it, vintage clothes have their own charm. But if we simply put them on, they are nothing but a vintage outfit. Landmeé, however, represents today's women who adore the vintage style. So the keyword of this collection is to ʻre-modernize. We designed shirts, mini dresses, soft chambray denim embroidered in a subtle cowboy style, delicate stripe shirts for men, and crop tops adorned with crochet art.

"Moreover, our collection includes pieces with hand-painted daisies designed by Kongpat Ong' Sakdapitak, an artist and a dear friend of mine. We also have boyish loose blazers that are added with feminine details without being overly sweet. And for this season, I also think of liberty print or miniature floral print as well as laces, which my team and I designed and made.

"For me, Dear Landmeé' reminds me of when we write an e-mail to someone, or when we call our beloved 'My Dear'

"Landmeé is, without a doubt, my dearest beloved. If I'm to de- scribe this collection most briefly, I'd say it's the joy of doing what I love and reviving the old-fashioned styles I adore."



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