‘My pleasure is My Business’ 

The new spring and summer collection released by Landmee’ charms us with pastel colors and ruffles techniques inspired by Jean-Honore Fragonard's painting of The Swing (Lucky Happenings on the Swing). They strikes out with originality by combining romantic English garden watercolor print patters with leading pastel colors such as baby blue and old rose onto different types of fabric.

Designed by Netdaw Vattanasimakon, she imagines the joy of young women living in London, dressing up for leisure as they stroll downtown, sipping on afternoon tea and enjoying their time at the Wallace Collection Museum.

Inspired by early modern English design that accentuates the use of chiffon and organza, which comes out delightedly dreamy. She expresses femininity through the use of fabric, soft tones and supporting colors such as butter yellow and periwinkle violet.

Vattanasimakon is playful around the theme of vintage with a retro flair by adding corsage and smock approaches into Landmee’s clothing line. And by adding exclusively design patterns onto satin fabric giving it a sooth and silky touch.

Even with their delicate use of material and concept, she has also been able to incorporate a bit of rebel into their collection with the use of denim and 'LM' rose acid-washed techniques.

Vattanasimakon believes that women are beautiful and elegant in the clothes they wear, it brings joy and happiness not only to themselves but also to others. And with that confidence, she truly realizes that 'my pleasure is my business'.



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