OnceMoreOnceAgain AW2022

Autumn Winter 2022 Ready-to-Wear
(Raw Energy, Imperfection)

Landmeé decided to tune up the “Future” this season. After we have told the whole history of Landmeé through telling stories in our last collection “ 20th years of love ” it is completely perfect. AW22 we started looking into the energy of working in each step of the way. This occasion we went into the developing process because everytime we have encountered something we weren’t expecting but incredibly beautiful so we decided to bring all of these elements and make them fresh with Landmeé energy.

Every detail in this collection happened based on differentiation of the steps. Like a rough pencil sketch roses prints, and highlighter on design paper before making the actual artwork, using various of fabrics that unequal or contrasting color which landmeé has never done before. The dynamic had Landmeé Girls wearing neon colors give us a new vibe and motivation with great and emotional effects. Knowing the backstory you could perhaps begin to detect the imperfection shapes and detail of the collection. Landmeé wasn’t just sticking to the vintage or lace fabric but the future and new experiment, we create our own uniqueness.









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