Mind Wandering AW21 

​Talking about music, some tracks inspire us to see the meaning of life or some tracks lead our mind to somewhere faraway, we’ve found that music is the thing that always keeps us inspired especially in the time that we have to stay home, isolating from the love ones. Natedaw Wattanasimakorn, Landmeé’s Creative Director, is the one who always driven by those beautiful melodies. Music takes the major influences to her life and reflected on her designs or brighten up her ideas and visions clearly.

​When music, the challenging ‘new-normal’ situation and dreamy Landmeé girls come together, contribute to Autumn Winter 2021 collection ‘Mind Wandering’  Not just wandering around, Landmeé implied to the way we inspect into our mind and soul, finding the balanced between reality and dream.

​In the time that people tend to stay home due to the pandemics, relaxing sleepwear and 90’s inspired loungewear and vintage slip dress become the main inspiration. They are reinterpreted into the more modern way. This season, the key material are hyper relaxing such as ‘Sleepy Poppies’ printed on chiffon, came in serene tone in such a palette of White, Mint green and more sexy and mysterious with Black. More utilitarian with embroidered cotton twill in dreamy poppies, and Landmeé’s signature lace which are more elaborate with tiny velvet ribbons inspired from the ribbons that decorated on lingerie that’s ubiquitous, modernized by blowing up the size and making it a little more extra with our special ‘LM’ buckle.

​For the details in this season, representing through embroidered lyrics that taken the main part of the inspiration with tinsel and sequins. Also delivering 90’s silhouette with suits and poppies embroidered on chambray dresses decorated with lace and jersey-cut-out items for modern day lifestyle.

​This upcoming Autumn-Winter 2021, Landmeé will take you to the introspective trip towards your mind with our collection, Mind wandering. Completes any activity you do, whether day or night. Waking up for breakfast and checking e-mail in the morning in glamorous jersey dress, relaxing in the garden or even fall asleep in our whimsy satin slip dress. Let our delicate collections accompany with you without making you feel cliché and you might discover something inspiring from the Mind Wandering.


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