20th years Of lové

For Lové of Landmeé
(Standing Ovation)

 As far as I can recall Landmeé was such an innocent young lovely girls throughout the 20 years of journey that the lovely young girls has grown up elegantly and beautifully.

        For the special occasion 20th years of Landmeé we celebrate by team up with muses, photographers and stylists to create a exclusive campaign called Landmeé 20 years of love to reinforce the memories of landmeé girls with landmeé

        The brand has been confident in building the Landmeé brand for the past 20 years and this collection is what Landmeé truly is: a lace fabric, low waist jeans towel, and jumpsuits. The key elements and detail of the detail include handcrafts that the brand has always used for every collection and this time Landmeé emphasize  those images by bringing the signature and significance of the brand. With our artistic, sensibility and youthful we can say this collection is showing Landmeé’s DNA in grand.

Meé-Natedao Wattanasimakorn, Creative Director of the brand, is utilized in every collection to relive Landmeé 20-years past.

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